Monday, October 7, 2013

Perpetual Child:An Adult Adoptee Anthology... Contributors!

We are thrilled to announce the amazing contributors for our forth coming book Perpetual Child:An Adult Adoptee Anthology! We want to extend our gratitude to all who submitted their literary work for this project. It was an honor to consider each and every piece we received.

Our Best,

Co-editors, Amanda H.L. Transue Woolston & Diane René Christian



Perpetual Child

Dismantling the Stereotype

(Late Fall 2013)



Laura Dennis
(Learn more about Laura)

Mei-Mei Ellerman
(Learn more about Mei-Mei)

Lynn Grubb
(Learn more about Lynn)

Lee Herrick
(Learn more about Lee )

Jennifer Bao Yu “Precious Jade” Jue-Steuck
(Learn more about Jennifer)

Karen Pickell
(Learn more about Karen)

Matthew Salesses
(Learn more about Matthew)

Nicky Schildkraut
(Learn more about Nicky)

Lucy Sheen
(Learn more about Lucy)

Julie Stromberg
(Learn more about Julie)

April Topfer
(Learn more about April)

Angela Tucker
(Learn more about Angela)

Catana Tully
(Learn more about Catana)

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